Select Presentations and Publications

Lee-Heart, K. (2020, 3 September). Guest Lecturer, “White Privilege and the Black Experience in the Classroom.” Qualitative Research Methods (Dr. Bill Muth, Virginia Commonwealth University).

Lee-Heart, K. (2020, 1 September). Pandemic Pedagogy: A Call to Educators to Bring their Classrooms to Reality. Learning for Justice (formerly known as Teaching Tolerance).

Lee-Heart, K. (anticipated 2020, March — cancelled due to Covid-19). University of Richmond Department of Sociology keynote speaker; Richmond, VA.

Lee-Heart, K. (anticipated 2020, 27 March — cancelled due to Covid-19). Reading, Writing and Beyonce: Music and Culturally Relative Pedagogy in the Writing Classroom. Conference lecture to be given at the 2020 VCU, John Tyler Community College and J. Sergeant Reynolds Community College Composition Summit; Chester, VA.

Lee-Heart, K. (2020, 9 February). You, Me and Equity. Speech given on educational equity at Hanover County’s 2020 Girl Scouts Thinking Day. Virginia Commonwealth University; Richmond, VA.

Lee-Heart, K. (2019, 26 October). Colorism on Campus. Conference lecture given at the 4th annual Virginia Commonwealth University Social Justice Student Conference; Richmond, VA.

Lee-Heart, K. (2019, 1 October). A Crooked Seat at the Table: Black and Alone in an Honors Class. Teaching Tolerance

Lee-Heart, K. (2019, 26 August). For colored girls whose high test scores are never enough. Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Lee, K. (2019). Black in the Writing Center: Race, Representation and the Post-Racial Lie. Book chapter published Essid, J. and McTague, B. (Eds). (2019).  At the Center of Change: A Writing Center Anthology. Routledge: United Kingdom.

Lee, K. (2019, April). Dark on Campus: A Phenomenological Study of Being a Dark-Skinned Black College Student. Dissertation. VCU Scholar Compass.

Lee, K. (2019, February). Youth and Resilience. Keynote address delivered at the 4th Annual Black Male Emergent Readers Literacy Program (BMER) Black Author Celebration. Richmond, VA.

Lee, K. (2018, 26 September). Why Keisha can’t write: the marginalization of Black student writing. Magazine article. Teaching Tolerance.

Lee, K. (2018, May). Black in the Writing Center: Race, Representation and the Post-Racial Lie. Presentation at the Southeastern Writing Center Association Annual Conference,
Richmond, V.A.

Lee, K. (2017, April). For Us, By Us: A Contemporary Application of Historical Black Panther Party Education Initiatives (1966-1974). Paper presented to the American Education Research Association, San Antonio, TX.

Lee, K. (2015, October). Parental Incarceration: When Children do the Time for Daddy’s Crime. Community presentation. University of Richmond, Richmond, V.A.
Lee, K. (2014, 12 June). Educated Black Women Face Juggling Act. Richmond Times-Dispatch. Richmond, VA.

Lee, K. (2014). Be a Man Tyrone: What Happens when Daddy Goes to Prison?. Children’s book. Richmond, Virginia: Kiara Lee

Lee, K. (2012, November). Color Me Beautiful: A Colorism Workshop. Community work filmed by and featured on CNN’s Black in America 5 with Soledad O’Brien. Richmond, VA; New York, NY; and Newark, NJ.

Lee, K. (2011, October). Colorism and Social Justice: What I’m Learning. Keynote address. Bonner Scholars Program Annual Bonner Congress. Rider University. Lawrence Township, New Jersey.

Lee, K. (2011, July). Colorism: We Can Do Better. Speech given at the 2011 Campus Progress National Conference. Omni Shoreham Hotel, Washington, DC.

Lee, K. (2011, March). Radio interview, Community Conversations with Community Clovia Lawrence, Radio One (Power 92.1/105.7 KISS). Richmond, VA.

Lee, K. (2010, September). Speech on self-esteem and colorism. Radio One (Power 92/ 105.7 KISS) Teen Forum. Richmond, VA

Lee, K. (2010, 22 August). Skin color continues to divide us. Richmond Times-Dispatch

Lee, K. (2010). Light-skinned, dark-skinned or in-between?. Children’s book. Richmond, Virginia: Kiara Lee