Weekly Wisdom: Worry is Worthless

We all have worried time and time again — from worrying about health, finances, work, school and other things. But what about when you let worrying consume you? To the point where it blocks your happiness, sickens your soul or even perhaps, your body? 

Someone reading this knows EXACTLY what I’m talking about. I know I do…because…well, I’m a worrier. The queen of worrying. If you know me personally, you can surely attest to this. But as I get older and as I have recently been blessed with 24 years of life, I’m *slowly* learning (truly learning, not just hearing it from someone) that worrying DOES NOT change anything. Worrying will not get you accepted into your dream school. Worrying will not turn around a terminal illness. Worrying will not write you a check for the back rent you owe your landlord, either. But what worrying will do is taint your spirit, weaken your willpower and block your blessings.

When I worry, I think of all the worst-case scenarios — what if this happens, what if that doesn’t happen — and I obsess. All the while, life is passing me by. This is what happens when we ALL worry — life passes us by. Blessings, progress and other beautiful moments are often overshadowed by worry. Life is so fragile, so short and so precious; don’t miss out on the positive life has to offer us just because you’ve been dealt a bad hand. You’d be short changing your own self. Short changing yourself — let that one seep in.

Life can be HARD. There’s no denying that. If you’re spiritual like me, you know faith can conquer all. If you’re not, you certainly know there’s no harm in a (realistic) positive outlook.

Concern is one thing, but worry is another. Worrying is worthless. Ain’t nobody got time for that. 


Peace, Love & Consciousness ,