Weekly Wisdom: Go Sit Down Somewhere

Picture this: You’re doing a million things at once. You left your lunch at home. You’re trying to start a new project, but you haven’t finished your old one. As you go to get the lunch you left, your friend texts you to remind you about the girls/ guys night out…you completely forgot about.  Then, once you get home from your outing, you fall asleep on your computer’s keyboard trying to finish project one and start project two all at the same time.

It happens. It happens to me.

All. The. Time

People try to be nice and brush you off as an overachiever, a goal-oriented person, full of drive and ambition. But they lie. Because they don’t tell you everything — like how tired you always are, how you’ve neglected “you time,” how you can never seem to finish what you start to save your life and how scatter-brained you’ve become.

Today, I started telling my mom a story and in the middle of the story, forgot the rest of the story and why I was telling her the story in the first place.  (I still don’t really remember)

Time and time again, I’ve been told to slow it down, take it easy, relax more or like my mom says “go sit down somewhere.” And for the most part, I haven’t listened. And I find myself on nights like tonight exhausted but restless, a laundry list of things to do/ things due for class, my sketch pad calling my name and the James Baldwin book I’m thissss close to finishing staring at me with big, neglected puppy eyes saying “finish me.” Not to mention the fact that my mind is tinkering on some other projects and some work I’m excited about this coming weekend. All day I’ve been locked in my room working on school work, and my mind doesn’t know if it wants to escape, to blaze through the rest of the work or conk out.

Anyways, I digress.

Like my mom says, we all need to “go sit down somewhere” time and time again or we’ll go crazy. Do you ever just sit in a quiet room or a car with no music and listen to your thoughts? Try it. When is the last time you ate a meal alone? Do it. It’s been a while since you watched your favorite show or movie, hasn’t it? Watch it. Or maybe your feet are looking rough and you’ve been putting off the pedicure. Get it (or better yet, do it yourself).

Have a seat. Take a breath. Take another one…

…and go sit down somewhere!

Peace, Love & Consciousness