Because I’m here — and there’s nothing they can do about it.
for a second
I thought I wasn’t supposed to be
second guessing never gave anybody the right answer anyway
but on second thought
like a bulldozer
you wore down and
you tore down
the temple
my temple
I’ve spent my whole entire life building
and rebuilding and rebuilding
by brick
by brick
my life’s work
and all this time I thought my time was well spent
until you looked me in the eye
from the other side of the table
while you sat in your seat and
I sat in mine
I didn’t know eyes could talk
until that day
the day I got a seat
at the table
like a fable
you looked at me like
a lie like
a joke like
a mess
well I laughed too see I laughed at
because I was too damn big for your small little mind to process
you spoke no words
but your message couldn’t have been any more clear
while your spirit was screaming
I wasn’t supposed to be here
I wasn’t supposed to be
but I’m still
while you sit in your seat and I sit in

Weekly Wisdom: Take the Stairs, There’s No Elevator to Success

Take the Stairs, There’s No Elevator to Success

Hard work pays off. Work hard, party harder.  You get out what you put in. These sayings and more have been drilled into all of our heads. And as corny as they sound…they’re truer than true.

A lot of people attempt to skip the hard work to get to the payoff. They don’t want to sacrifice their time to studying, but want the grades and the GPA of the most studious student. They’re not willing to go the extra mile at work, but want the same pay as the their co-worker, whose the first one to work and the last one to leave. They don’t want to go through the hustle of getting their name or their brand out there, but they want the exposure and the attention of the person willing to live off peanuts to make their mark in this world. It doesn’t add up.

And it never will.

Many successful people have told me that there is no easy way. I repeat: there is NO easy way. I’ve heard of people selling everything they own just to put on an art show of their work. Parents going without furniture in their house, just to be able to afford to send their kids to a better school, a school that would better prepare their children for the future. And these people didn’t think twice about these sacrifices. To be successful in this world, we’ve got to be willing to be uncomfortable. If we can’t get past that, we ain’t gettin’ much further than the start line of whatever race we’re in.

If you’ve got big dreams, you need an even bigger tolerance for discomfort. For us lay people, nothing in this world will ever be handed to us. And if it is, consider it fool’s gold. And while you’re being a fool, you’ll find that the other contenders who put in their due diligence have lapped you –two and three and four times over.

There is no elevator to success. Take the stairs, break a sweat and put in the work.


Peace, Love & Consciousness,