Sister Girl

sister girl

sister girl

she and I

talked, laughed, cried and I

swore a thousand times that she was my


sister girl

her talk

it was deep

and it was cheap

faced with 2, 3 faces

which was hers

sister girl

her jealous eyes

her critical lips

her hips resented my hips’ width

she exchanged her gifts for an infatuation with mine

sister girl

she hates me

but still I love

I love

her jealous eyes

her critical lips

her resentment

they tell me I’m doin’ good




Weekly Wisdom: Don’t Try to Figure it Out

Weekly Wisdom: Don’t Try to Figure it Out

People have funny ways.  People are especially funny, to me, when they treat others badly for no apparent reason.

The lady that works in a restaurant glares at you angrily during your entire visit. Someone at your job doesn’t want to work with you. An acquaintance or family member always feels the need to “one-up” you in any and every given conversation. It bothers you, and you find yourself time and time again questioning things.

Then you start second guessing yourself. “Am I coming off a certain type of way to bring such behavior on?” you may ask yourself. “Is it something that I did in the past to warrant such mistreatment?” you may ponder.

But for real for real, you’re putting yourself through way too much trouble. I’m finding out that this world is full of people FULL of hang-ups. They’ve got their own problems, whether they include jealousy, insecurity, stereotypical points of view or other things that have NOTHING to do with you. Why try to question yourself? YOU don’t have to answer to these people. Truth is they question you because they truly question THEMSELVES.

I’ve found myself at this place time and time again – coming across someone with a stank attitude and trying to figure out their problem. And I’ve learned time and time again that it’s a waste of time. So I urge you, don’t try to figure it out. Some people will roll their eyes because the sky is blue, while others let a door slam in your face because of the color of your skin. It’s all nonsense and more times than not, it has absolutely nothing to do with you.

Misery loves company – so don’t ever accept the invite!

Peace, Love & Consciousness