For the Ladies: “Being a Woman”

For Women’s History Month, its only right to feature some beautiful words — about the beauty of womanhood.

For the ladies.

woman silloutte edit

Being a Woman.
by Fantasia Alston
This doesn’t mean that our hair has to be long
Or that we’re overly sensitive
When something goes wrong
It also doesn’t mean we need to have curves
Or a face full of make-up
Just so men can observe
We’re courageous and strong with warm hearts
Beautiful in every single way
Our body is art
We are essential contributors
Who can take on any role
Influential muses
Knowing how to take control
Caregivers and breadwinners
Who’ll always pull through
With a herstory of progressive accomplishments
There’s nothing we can’t do
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Throwback: “Untitled” by Jennifer Lee


by Jennifer Lee


Our African princess is locked in a cage,
To afraid to go out, what would they say?
About her hair and skin and how dark she was
Reminds her of the sears in her heart- was cut
At a young age, she would always be blamed
She’s not modern beauty, its a dark age
Look in the mirror then turn the page
In your real life, is your princess caged?

No more “you’re pretty… [for a dark-skinned girl] .” Check out Pretty. Period. !!!!

No more “you’re pretty… [for a dark-skinned girl] .” Check out Pretty. Period. !!!!

Dr. Yaba Blay of Drexel University, a renown colorism scholar (who was also featured on CNN’s Black in America 5 with me), has created a response to the common half-hearted “compliment” — You’re pretty, for a dark-skinned girlThis response is Pretty.Period. a site dedicated to the beauty of brown skin.

“A visual tribute to brown skin. A visional testament to Black beauty. A vision board for healing.”

LaShawnte, one of the children in my colorism workshop featured in Black in America 5, is featured on Pretty. Period. as well, as Dr. Blay has become a mentor for her and a healer for her issues with colorism. 

The site acknowledges black beauty, including photos, testimonies and other forms of inspiration. Please check out this much needed food for the black soul!


Let’s all take a stand against being pretty for a dark-skinned girl, and stand up for being pretty, period!