Black Men’s Firsts: William Carney

Happy Black  History Month!

All month, I’m going to bring you some “Black Men’s Firsts” — as black MEN have also led, trailblazed & overcome in some many areas and disciplines; however, much of it has been overlooked or forgotten.

Let’s make it OUR DUTY to remember the great strides our ancestors have made & make these strides motivation for ourselves today.


William Carney | The First Congressional Medal of Honor Winner

Thank You, Newport News!

Yesterday I had a GREAT event in Newport News, in collaboration with ESP. It went so well! I showed my documentary, we held an engaging discussion and held a book signing afterwards. Some very talented, soulful singers performed as well! The audience was VERY receptive. One woman even said she travelled all the way from Maryland to see me! I was and still am so very flattered. I appreciate all the suppport. It means A LOT. It keeps me driven and gives me a sense of purpose in my work. To all of you who came out, thank you thank you THANK YOU! I look forward to connecting with all of you in the future.

Please continue to spread the word and I’ll continue to spread my message and my work to those who want and need to receive it.

– Kiara Shanay Lee

Welcome to the *new* THEBLACKERTHEBERRY.ORG!

My name is Kiara. I’m an author, activist, public speaker and filmmaker.

I’m a senior at the University of Richmond.

I’m passionate about issues like colorism & self-esteem.

This website should provide the necessary tools, resources and support to love yourself, fully & truly.

This website is all about YOU.

Speech at the 2011 Campus Progress National Conference
Cover feature in Belle Magazine, August 2011

WATCH: Kiara Lee — Author, Activist, Speaker

“To those who’ve never been told they are beautiful — YOU ARE”

— Kiara Shanay Lee