Thank You, Newport News!

Yesterday I had a GREAT event in Newport News, in collaboration with ESP. It went so well! I showed my documentary, we held an engaging discussion and held a book signing afterwards. Some very talented, soulful singers performed as well! The audience was VERY receptive. One woman even said she travelled all the way from Maryland to see me! I was and still am so very flattered. I appreciate all the suppport. It means A LOT. It keeps me driven and gives me a sense of purpose in my work. To all of you who came out, thank you thank you THANK YOU! I look forward to connecting with all of you in the future.

Please continue to spread the word and I’ll continue to spread my message and my work to those who want and need to receive it.

– Kiara Shanay Lee

One thought on “Thank You, Newport News!”

  1. Bravo!! Kiara you Rocked The HOUSE!, Thank U for a small but very Powerful Documentary!! you may say amature, But I say a Job Well done !. U all had to just be there!.. We did an excerise where the light skinned people sat opposite of the dark skinned people some caught on some did not understand why this was even neccessary.

    Some came in with family members and was very dissappointed to hear that they could not
    sit with their family member, One lady thought it was because of her ticket that she purchased while another thought about how uncomfortable her guest felt! Lol surprisely her guest was fine and in fact enjoyed where she was seated right between children she was fine LOl where as Kiara family member was trying to get sense of why! lol(her Sister) LOL.

    Kiara we look forward to your return soon! Angela Knight and myself will put this
    together soon so keep your calander open! Our Topic Light Skinned Dark Skinned or
    in Between I must add their were husband and wives that join our meeting we had a very
    engaging conversation hitting home deep! please join us in are upcoming Part Two coming soon just be There!

    If u are in the Newport News VA area please join us for one our Live Chat’s with the Author
    our next event is February 11, 2012 @4pm-9pm

    upcoming dates to remember

    March 10,2012

    our last for the year will be in the month of OCT date TBA thanks!
    Mulberry Inn
    16890 Warwick Blvd
    Newport News,VA 23608
    please contact Ellen Sudderth @ (757) 303-4863

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